Auto Hinges

3D Soft Close

3D Soft Close, Auto Hinges
  • Mounting Plat up & down adjustable
  • 3D adjustment allows horizontal (side) & vertical(height) adjustment along with distance between cabinet shutter & side wall without uninstalling shutterSpecially designed cylinder for Smooth closing of shutter
  • Clip on mechanism for easy installation for removal of shutter
  • Wide opening angle for easy storage in cabinet
  • Maximum shutter size 34” x 22” for two hinges
  • Suitable for cabinet door from 15mm to 22mm thickness 
  • Shutter cavity 35 mm diameter, 11.5 mm deep

Available In:

  • Full overlay(0 deg)
  • Half Overlay (8 deg)
  • Insert(15 deg)

Packing :

  • 50 Sets / Box
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